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Durable Value Investing

The Tourbillon Investment Partnership is a long-only public equity fund investing in between 15 and 25 businesses globally using a fundamental, value-oriented approach. Our objective is to deliver superior real returns over the long term without taking undue risk.


Three simple ideas, taken seriously

Our mandate is broad, but the qualities we look for in an investment are rare. We focus on three mental models which we believe help us identify durable quality: fulcrum assets, symbiotic loops, and outlier management.

Literally, the term means 'the point about which a lever turns’. These are businesses which provide a critical product or service within the value chain in which they operate. This leads to scarcity value and customer loyalty, supporting durable cash flows.



For a business to generate durable cash flows, it must create value for all its stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees, and regulators included. Companies with these qualities often form a virtuous cycle where growth leads to improving outcomes, a symbiotic loop.



Stewardship is vital for sustainable value creation. If a company earns, say, a 20% return on capital, management will have been responsible for redeploying all the capital initially in the business within four years. Outlier managers think long-term, and act like owners.

Outlier Management


Our core value is shared ownership


We see our clients as partners who share our philosophy. We are invested alongside clients, on the same terms.

Owners' yield

We value companies like owners, based on long-term distributable cash flows.

Shared ownership


We are long-term owners of the businesses in which we invest and look to partner with management who share our philosophy.

Portfolio management

Ben and Ramesh are equal owners of the portfolio and of the business. We think this leads to higher quality decisions.


We pledge to share a portion of our profits with charitable causes, and look to foster long-term partnerships.

What makes us different

We have an unconventional approach to identifying business quality based on first principles thinking rather than backward looking quantitative metrics.

Approach to quality

We are value investors in a quality universe. We value stocks on distributable cashflows (‘owner earnings’). We are not looking to sell assets at a higher price based on multiple expansion.

Absolute value

We are not constrained by country, sector or size. This allows us to invest in only the most compelling investment opportunities globally.


Our business ownership mentality and aligned client base allow for an ‘indefinite’ time horizon.

Time horizon

We will limit our size to focus on client experience. Our simple fee structure aligns our interests with long-term results. We are significantly invested alongside clients, on the same terms.


We have a giving pledge and commit to donating a portion of our profits to charitable causes.


Durable businesses, by definition, need to be sustainable. We have a history of constructively engaging with the companies we have invested in.

Durability and sustainability

Over 50 years cumulative experience managing several billion USD on behalf of predominantly institutional clients.


Foundational Documents

Although our form is corporate, we view our clients as partners in the business. This requires shared values as well as honest communication. These foundational documents outline our philosophy, our goals, and our limitations. Though certain elements of our business will evolve, these bedrock principles will not.

Our partners' trust is our most important asset. This document lays out the values we have as a business.

The relationship we wish to build with our clients is one of partnership. This document outlines our investment philosophy, our objectives and our limitations.

We look to invest in durable businesses, which by definition need to be sustainable. This document outlines our approach to sustainability.


Ben Beneche, CFA

Prior to founding Tourbillon, Ben was senior portfolio manager and co-lead of international equities at Pictet Asset Management. For 10 years, he managed all-cap international equity portfolios where he was primarily responsible for investments in Japanese and Asia-Pacific listed businesses. He began his career in 2008 as an analyst focused on US equities and the energy sector. 

Ben has a degree in Economics and Economic History from York University (first class honors) and is a CFA Charterholder. He bought his first stock when he was 16 and hasn’t looked back.

Co-founder & Portfolio Manager

Ramesh Narayanaswamy

Prior to founding Tourbillon, Ramesh was a partner and portfolio manager at Veritas Asset Management. Over 11 years, he held roles spanning global fundamental equity research as well as portfolio management. Prior to that, he spent 5 years at Fidelity Management & Research where he was a global industrials and utilities analyst as well as sector portfolio manager.

Ramesh has a degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Cochin University of Science and Technology and a post-graduate degree in management (MBA) from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He was formerly an independent software developer and consultant.

Co-founder & Portfolio Manager

Simon Todd

After graduating in Modern History from Brasenose College, Oxford University, Simon joined UBS as an equity analyst at Phillips & Drew Fund Management in London. He moved to MFS Investment Management in 2000, working in Boston before returning to the U.K. to help build the MFS London office. For MFS, and subsequently for Majedie Asset Management and Marathon Asset Management, he managed institutional global equity portfolios, in addition to regional accounts in Europe, North America and Japan.

In recent years, Simon has lived in Europe, travelling and studying. 





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